Arranging Your Legacy -- Let us help you with this critical step in your stewardship.

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Need to Talk About Your Plan?

Don't let the legalities, financial structures and hard decisions distress you! Talk to a live person who has your best interests at heart.

As questions come to mind, call or write to our knowledgeable staff. If they don't know the answer, they'll help you find someone who does. Our desire is to put sound options in front of you and then let you, the steward, decide how you want to bless both your family and Kingdom work.

Need more than a Will?

A will is a single piece of your stewardship puzzle. If you have a complex mix of assets, difficult relationships in your family, or an estate that could be liable for estate tax, you really need more than a wills kit or a phone call.

We invite you to sit down with a trustworthy expert who offers more than 40 years of stewardship counsel experience. We gladly offer his service to ministry partners who need this level of consultation. He has no product to sell and will handle your concerns with complete confidentiality. For more information, please contact us at 1-570-702-3502 or"

Ranking Your Stewardship Decisions

Why is your legacy plan probably the most important stewardship step of your life? For two reasons:

1. A lifetime's worth of accumulated assets
What's at stake is the distribution of a lifetime's worth of accumulated assets. There is usually more financial value in those assets than in any asset you've distributed previously in life. In God's eyes, this forms a big opportunity.

2. Great relational impact on your loved ones.
Pass the batons well in your life's race and witness how great a relational impact you can have in the lives of those closest to you.

  • Baton #1 – Impart wisdom to guide the use of the financial assets you're transferring. This is often a time when your family is emotionally most open to listening.
  • Baton #2 – Clearly lay out the distribution of all you own. What goes to whom and when. By doing this, you eradicate the ambiguity that can, later, so easily become a bone of contention between those you love.
  • Baton #3 – Let the charitable gifts you include in your legacy plan speak volumes about where your passions lie. Make a present and eternal difference in the lives of many in need.

The cost of inaction is high. But the opportunity is even higher! Let us help you walk through this critical stewardship step. Our Free Legacy Kit walks you through the process, helping you think through things from a stewardship perspective, assuring that you cover all the most critical issues, simplifying what feel like complicated, technical matters.

To get started, just ask for your Free Legacy Kit or try our Online Wills Planner today