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Online Wills Planning with GiftAttorney online accounts

National and regional charities are sponsoring wills campaigns this year and will need attorneys to draft thousands of wills and trusts. Crescendo Interactive, Inc. has created a nationwide list of attorneys who are willing to assist donors with wills preparation and the GiftAttorney Pro program to multiply your clients and streamline the estate planning process.

GiftAttorney Pro is a charitable law association of attorneys designed to assist you in facilitating your relationships with clients and charities nationwide. With GiftAttorney Pro, you have permission-based access to online client data that will transform your estate planning practice.

Using the online Wills Planner on a charity’s GiftLegacy website, your clients may enter their family, advisor, financial and estate planning data. If you are their GiftAttorney, they have the ability to grant you access to that data making it easy for you to draft and update their plans. You can encourage all of your clients to create and maintain online accounts at no additional cost. To view a demo of the online Wills Planner visit and select “Plan Your Will.”

For more information or to sign up for your first FREE year of GiftAttorney Pro visit If you choose to continue after one year, the regular $495 annual price will apply for your GiftAttorney account. Your client accounts will be maintained without cost.